International Tax

Assistance, advice and tax preparation services in relation to international tax matters.

Working overseas and need to understand your tax obligations?

Australia’s tax residency laws are complex and constantly changing.  Many people move overseas and do not consider the impact this has on their taxes in Australia and in their new country of residence.  The ATO are using ever more sophisticated techniques to identify people who work overseas and ensure they continue to pay Australian tax.  

We can help you put in place the right strategies to ensure you are not caught out.  Becoming a non-resident of Australia for tax purposes is something that requires careful consideration and understanding.  We can guide you through this process and help reduce your risk from working and living overseas.


International Tax

We provide specialist international tax services to Australian small business owners, exporters and investors with new and existing overseas operations.

Assistance and advice in relation to Australian’s working and living overseas

Assistance and advice in relation to foreign citizens working and living in Australia

Private rulings in relation to your tax residency status

Advice in relation to international tax treaties and exemptions from Australian and/or foreign income tax

Tax return preparation services in Australia and certain foreign countries through our partner firms (e.g. United States)

Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP) applications

US Citizens

Are you a US citizen working or living in Australia? Or are you an Australian working or living in the US?  You will likely already be aware that US citizens are subject to US tax every year regardless of where they live or work, and the US has complex requirements in relation to foreign income and investments.

We can help you understand your US tax and filing obligations and how they interact with your Australian tax outcomes and structures.


International Business

We are the International Tax Experts, with over 35 years combined experience dealing in international tax matters for businesses and multinational companies.  Are you doing business overseas or sending employees to work overseas?  There are a myriad of Australian and foreign country tax rules and obligations that need to be considered when doing business in other countries.  

We can help you manage the numerous Australian and foreign tax compliance obligations and set up the strategies and structures to ensure you are maximising your tax efficiency and preventing double taxation.

Our services include:

Assisting Australian companies doing business overseas

Assisting foreign companies doing business in Australia

Australian and foreign tax compliance services for both company and employees

Transfer pricing analysis and compliance

Advice in relation to withholding taxes

Tax equalisation for employees

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